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                Stainless steel hexagon nut gb6170 -- Jiali imported hexagon lock nut

                Stainless steel hexagon nut gb6170

                Standard: 304 stainless steel

                The working principle of stainless steel hexagon nut is self-locking by friction between nut and bolt. But in the dynamic load, the reliability of this self-locking will be reduced. In some important occasions, we will take some anti loosening measures to ensure the reliability of nut locking. Locking nut is one of the anti loosening measures.

                The anti loosing effect of stainless steel hexagon nut mainly depends on the interaction force between nut and bolt engagement thread. There are many ways to improve the interaction force between meshing threads, such as structural improvement of nut thread, nylon roughening of nylon nut, surface treatment of thread, etc.

                There are also three kinds of lock nuts:

                The first is to screw two same nuts on the same bolt, and add a tightening torque between the two nuts, so that the bolt connection is reliable.

                The second is a special lock nut, which needs to be used together with a lock gasket. The special lock nut is not a hexagon nut, but a middle round nut. There are three, four, six or eight notches on the circumference of the nut (depending on the size of the nut and the product series of the manufacturer). These notches are not only the force point of the tightening tool, but also the clamping place of the anti lock gasket bayonet.

                The third is to drill through thread holes (generally 2, 90 distributed on the outer surface) from the outer surface to the inner surface of the nut to screw in the small diameter countersunk head screw, so as to exert a centripetal force on the thread and prevent the lock nut from loosening. For the lock nut with good quality sold in the market, the inner circle surface of the nut is inlaid with copper small pieces consistent with the thread of the lock nut, which is used to avoid the radial jacking screw directly contacting with the locked thread and damaging the latter. This kind of lock nut is gradually applied in the shaft end locking occasions of rotary motion parts, such as the locking of ball screw mounting end bearing.

                The second way is more reliable than the first, but the structure is relatively complex. Compared with the former two, the third one has better anti loosing effect, simpler structure and smaller axial size.

                The main features are easy to install, integrity, no gasket, easy to disassemble and reuse

                Generally used in automobile industry -- cars, trucks, buses, compressors, construction machinery, wind power generation equipment, agricultural machinery, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military, mining equipment, etc.

                Zhuhai Jiali hardware has successfully cooperated with many enterprises to provide all kinds of high quality stainless steel hexagon nuts; Hot dip galvanized high strength bolts; Ordinary screws and other Macau fastener projects, the main projects are Macau metro project and Macau building decoration screws, sell all kinds of stainless steel hexagon nuts, lock nuts, cap nuts, flange hexagon nuts and other nuts, imported materials, high quality, complete specifications, super long and super short specifications are in stock, welcome to inquire.