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                The Inevitable Development Trend of the Plastic Screw Industry

                Plastic screws, also known as plastic screws, are commonly used in China and are mostly made of nylon 66 (NYLON66), so they can also be called nylon screws. Plastic screws have high-quality characteristics such as insulation, non magnetism, corrosion resistance, aesthetics, and never rusting. Here is a brief introduction to the advantages, application fields, and performance indicators of plastic screws.
                In this era of facial brushing, Meineng attracts attention and enhances exposure. Whether it's survival products or industrial equipment deployment, plastic screws give them a sense of beauty. The most magnificent color is PC plastic screws (polycarbonate), which are crystal clear (with a light transmittance of 90%), oil resistant, and impact resistant. For example, the frame of a photo, the decorative shell of a motorcycle, a PCB circuit board, and so on, this combination of elegance and practicality is irresistible. PC polycarbonate plastic screws have been widely used in electrical and electronic fields, automobile, medical and other fields.
                heat insulation
                Metals have strong thermal conductivity, their free electrons are relatively active, and they are less bound by atomic nuclei, making them highly active when slightly heated. And many places require thermal insulation, such as electronic equipment deployment, which can reduce the deployment life of equipment and improve the quietness of operation. In the plastic kingdom, PEEK Polyether ether ketone is a high-performance material with high heat resistance and strength. PEEK plastic screws are widely used in office equipment deployment, automobile, IC wafer carrier, LCD manufacturing fixtures, etc.
                Insulated, demagnetized
                Metal conducts electricity, which is a well-known physical knowledge. While it brings us surprises, it also causes a lot of poverty. Especially in the context of "intelligence", electronic communication equipment deployment is rapidly growing, and fasteners with insulation, non magnetic and other characteristics are highly favored. Nylon 66 is the most common plastic screw with high toughness, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance, and excellent self-lubrication. Other types of nylon 66 with 30% glass fiber addition have far better mechanical properties than ordinary nylon 66, improving tensile strength, deformation temperature, and shear strength, improving creep resistance, dimensional stability, and reducing water absorption and thermal expansion. These excellent characteristics have made nylon plastic screws a popular choice in industries such as healthcare, aviation, automotive, electronics, and new energy.
                The term 'burden reduction' is not only used in survival, but has also extended to the industrial sector. In the increasingly scarce global resources, engineers have begun to study various materials that can be replaced with metals. Now, they have started experimenting in aviation, automotive, medical, food, and other fields, and have achieved good results. Plastic materials have made great contributions to 'burden reduction'.
                In the fastener industry, plastic screws have emerged, and the best explanation for them is' small size, great achievements'.
                Corrosion resistance
                Metal materials appear most frequently in our sight, and signs of rust and decay are also common. However, we are unaware that this has caused huge waste and economic loss. We have gradually realized this problem and are striving to explore better materials to replace metals. Plastic screws (cut to ROHS) not only have balanced mechanical properties but also strong chemical resistance, and are widely used in automobiles, fine machine components, electrical and electronic equipment deployment components, and other aspects.
                So what tests are required for plastic screws? How to further select high-quality plastic screws?
                Standard for technical conditions of plastic screw products. Specific standards include the following aspects:
                a) Standards for plastic screw tolerances: specify the tolerance of product dimensions and geometric tolerances.
                b) Standard for mechanical performance of plastic screws: specify the marking method for product mechanical performance levels, as well as the content of mechanical performance items and requirements; Some fastener products have changed this content to include material performance or working performance aspects of the product.
                c) Standards for surface defects of plastic screws: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface defects.
                d) Standards for surface treatment of plastic screws: specify the types and specific requirements of product surface treatment.
                e) Standards for plastic screw testing: specify the content of various performance requirements and tests mentioned above.
                f) Standards for the size of plastic screws: specify the basic dimensions of the product; Products with threads also include basic dimensions of threads, thread ending, shoulder distance, undercut and chamfer, and end dimensions of external threaded parts.
                Parallel development and adjustment
                In the past efforts, China's plastic fastener industry has gradually embarked on a path of qualified and reasonable development with continuous development and attention. Choosing the direction of plastic screws, we strive to develop ourselves, and while maintaining stable growth, we shift our company's nature from production to research and development, production, and sales. The service scope of plastic screws continues to expand to various industries, such as automotive covers, panels, LED lighting fixtures, display racks, PC boards, and many other industries have their presence. This is also a development model for many domestic plastic screw industries.
                Construction and Household goods industry is the focus of market development
                The domestic real estate construction industry has always been a hot topic, and there is a vast market for the production and sales of construction materials. The quality of good plastic screws often determines the quality of construction. Meanwhile, in today's emphasis on quality of life, plastic screw products can be found in everything from door buckles to household appliances and cars.
                Seizing foreign markets
                Developed economies such as Europe and the United States will continue to import most of the plastic screws from China, but manufacturers in these countries will focus on some products with better quality. Plastic screw production enterprises not only need to achieve excellent quality and make good use of the advantage of logistics costs, but also the key to seizing the international market.
                So, initially it seems that plastic screws in China have very deep development prospects in both the screw industry and other cross industries. If every merchant in the plastic screw industry can grasp the future potential of plastic enterprises, then success will be easy.
                The history of plastic screws is still ongoing. In the context of green and environmental protection, the reusable use of Earth's resources is an important growth trend in the future. We have also seen many new research results, extracting effective substances from food and plants as materials, which is a good start. Screws, known as the "rice of industry", have fully penetrated and excreted into our survival. Metal screws, due to their mature processing and complete specifications, Almost covering all categories.
                Society is constantly advancing, and innovation is a permanent theme. Plastic has been brewed from nylon into today's flourishing variety, and survival products have become a new favorite in the industry. In fasteners, plastic screws and plastic screws may become new industry champions. The charm of plastic screws is unstoppable.