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                The epidemic affects the supply of parts: or hits the production of Japanese automakers

                Reuters reported recently that Akio Toyoda, head of the auto industry lobby organization, said that the COVID-19 epidemic has led to the interruption of parts supply, which may force Japanese auto manufacturers to reduce production again.
                According to the report, due to the disruption of manufacturing industries around the world caused by the epidemic and the promotion of electronic device consumption, manufacturers' demand for chips has increased, making it difficult for Japanese car companies to find supplies of semiconductors and other components, thus having to reduce production.
                "According to the situation of auto manufacturers, we may see the auto production in October fall to a lower level," Akio Toyoda said. The former is the chairman of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association and the president of Toyota, Japan's largest automobile manufacturer.
                Toyota cut global production by 40% from planned levels in September, joining other major global automakers that have already slowed production to cope with material shortages.
                The world's largest automaker has stated that it will strive to make up for lost production and strive to achieve its production target of 9.3 million vehicles in the year ending March 31.
                It is reported that other Japanese auto manufacturers facing a shortage of parts include: Nissan, Honda, Suzuki and Mazda.